Stephen Takacs | Artist
Brownie In Motion
SPE National Conference
Baltimore, Maryland
Ultrachrome Digital Print
Brownie In Motion is a modular, room-sized camera obscura that functions as an immersive art installation, as a functioning image-making device and a didactic tool. Physically, this piece is a to-scale replica of an iconic Kodak Brownie box camera that has been enlarged 17.5 times to a footprint of approximately 5' x 7.5' x 8.'

Viewers of Brownie In Motion are encouraged to enter the installation and “become the camera”. On the front of the camera is a lens and a small infrared sensor connected to the camera shutter. When the sensor is activated by motion it opens the shutter allowing light to enter inside of camera via the lens. The cameras lens projects an upside-down image of the exterior onto a large spool of thin transparent fabric in the interior of the camera. Within this camera obscura, the everyday world is re-contextualized by literally turning the perception of the everyday upside-down.
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