Stephen Takacs | Artist
Daguerrean Deck ChairsElectroSynchro Photo Therapeutic CameraFrankenKameraVictrola ObscuraAntiquity StudiesVictrola Obscura (detail)The Operating Room 
(installation view at the Hoffman Gallery)I Can't Keep My Eye Off Of YouContingency PlanThere's An Elephant In The Room 
(and it won't stop staring)
What began innocently as a desire to build a pinhole camera has developed into a series of modified and handmade cameras that relate to, or rival, the scale of the human body. My work involves the appropriation of found objects that are transformed into anachronistic (at times, unwieldy) optical devices that tow the line between function and futility. These sculptural objects are used in tandem to create photographic images and installations that explore historical and contemporary relationships occurring between the beholder and the beholden.