Stephen Takacs | Artist
Jeremiah Sings the Body Electric In Three Part HarmonyPaige and Evan
(from the series 'Sing the Body Electric') Ipek 
(from the series 'Sing the Body Electric')Joel 
(from the series 'Sing the Body Electric')Hannah and Kyle 
(from the series 'Sing the Body Electric')Jon
(from the series 'Sing the Body Electric')Erika 
(from the series 'Sing the Body Electric')Electro Synchro Self Portrait
Self Portrait taken with the Electro Synchro CameraElectroSynchro Photo TherapeuticsShooter 
(performance documentation)
Nod to the Notion of Revealing the Hand of the Maker
Sing the Body Electric
This series draws inspiration from photographs by the 19th century physician G. B. Duchenne De Boulogne whose experiments with electrical stimulation of the body pushed neurology and human decency to their limits. Within these images there exists a duality that oscillates between attraction and repulsion, frailty and strength, humor and seriousness. Unlike Duchenne, who attempted to create a definitive typology of human facial expression, I'm interested in exploring how electrical interventions can disrupt & alter interpretations of the already problematic photographic portrait.